Tracy Lee Griffith's nomadic life sets up the tone of her work. Growing up first in Westchester, New York and then in St. John, US Virgin Islands. Much like the vast colors of the sea, Tracy's work comes from a place where she finds solace. The rich colors and textural mark rush through the canvas to allow the viewer to see her view of the world. Each one of her paintings creates a visceral experience to appreciate the beauty around us. The depth of her work comes from her love for natural beauty, intent upon exploring natural scenes and embracing color. Tracy's work frees the unconscious energies and pursues a lyrical and often ecstatic illustration.

Tracy Lee Griffith began her serious artistic exploration when her late uncle James Greene left her his collection of brushes, acrylics and echo of his encouragement for her to become a painter having seen the gift in her as a child. Through the grieving process, Tracy developed her sweeping landscapes, through the use of bold colors and layers of poly resin. Tracy's paintings are influenced by her beloved uncle’s education and her childhood homes, where she was surrounded by vibrant nature.

Tracy grew up on a farm in New York, as well as, St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. These places, as well as her various professions as actor, writer, singer and chef, have informed her dynamic life.

"I am absorbed in every sense by colors- with their intense energies and emotions."

She specializes in abstract landscape, emphasizing color and mark. Her uncle introduced her to the works of Rothko, Frankenthaler, Kahn and Jenkins, which have impacted her artistic style. Recently she has developed African animal skulls into vibrant sculptures with layered resin coatings.

From her current experience as a professional sushi chef, Tracy uses her knowledge of presentation and color to inform her art with mindfully placed color choices, acknowledging how her viewers devour the world with their eyes.

Tracy has created a quest to explore the limits of painting by energizing the senses and pushing the confines of the canvas's surface with the dimension of resin layers.

Tracy currently resides in London, New York City and Portland, OR.

            Tracy Lee Griffith

            Tracy Lee Griffith